Malaysia Bursa stock price not updated on 28/29 Aug

Hi Evan,

Is there something wrong with the Bursa data feed for 28 and 29 Aug 2023? All the stocks’ volume were zero and the prices were not updated.


Hi there,

Thanks. I just sent an email to upstream. Let’s see what they say. I will update you.


has this bug been fixed ?

Thank you for coming to us once again. This is to inform you that we got the update from our data vendor and they say they are facing technical issues while generating the EOD files and that is the reason XKLS Exchange has been impacted.

This is the latest update I got from upstream provider. It seems like the 1 Sep data is updated but 28, 29 and 30 Aug data is still stale. I will continue to bug them on this. Will provide an update here once I get. Thanks.

Thanks Evan !

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Upstream finally resolved the issue. Sorry for the delay. All KLSE stocks data should be correct in a few hours (as I am now repopulating data from 28 August.)

Excellent work Evan !

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