Mapletree NAC RW0U Merger

Hi Evan, Mapletree NAC (RW0U) is delisted on 3 Aug 2022. For each RW0U unit, shareholders can opt to receive:

  1. 0.5963 Mapletree Com (N2IU) unit or
  2. 0.5009 N2IU unit + $0.1912 or
  3. $1.1949

Will you be creating an automation button for this?


Hi there,

This is tough as it is a mixed possibilities.

I would think better for users to actually handle it themselves accordingly based on which option they chose.


Sorry to be the noob here, can you help to outline the steps for each option please? That way I can know I have set it up properly.
Thank you!

This is the most simple case. Basically, you are just selling RW0U at 1.1949 per share. So, just create a sell transaction with per share at 1.1949.

For this, you can also think of it as selling it at 1.1949 and then using that money to buy 0.5963 N2IU.
This means that per share of N2IU cost you 1.1949/0.5963 = 2.0038571189.
So, to keep it simple, I would create two transactions.

  1. Sell RW0U at 1.1949 per share
  2. Buy N2IU at 2.0038571189 per share

This is also similar.
This means that per share of N2IU cost you (1.1949 - 0.1912)/0.5009 = 2.00379317229

  1. Sell RW0U at 1.1949 per share
  2. Buy N2IU at 2.00379317229 per share

but then again why do you need steps for each options? I thought you can only choose one option.

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Hi @evankoh
Thank you for this! Well public service for all other users who needed help in properly setting it up!

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I just tried to create a SELL transaction for RW0U but it wont allow me as I am unable to select the portfolio it belongs to - in fact the drop down box seems not to be working.

Help pls. Thank you.

Hi there,

Usually, this means that there are no active portfolios here →