Market Crash What are you buying?

Come come share what are you shopping during this market crash.

Not too sure yet, I still have cash = mebbe 20+ % of my current portfolio. My fear is I think the US market has room for another 30+++% drop, sti not so much mebbe 10+%.

I feel a number of sti blue chips are in value range, but battling between spreading long term n zooming in the best deals.

Personally I want to long reits, probably industrial / dc / commercial, as well as like insurance / St engineering, but not enough cash to buy all these goodies… :frowning:

When I saw the various indices trading pattern two weeks back, it reminded me immediately of the trend I saw in unit trusts in 2008. The current trending of the US indices is still highly unusual, and I feel there is still a good chance the market may drop 30-50% further.

I would guess the highly unusual pattern might be due to indexed funds / etf and robo investing that auto reallocate funds to different markets to jump on the latest trend. All of these are geared towards technical trading that trade with no sense of value (haha smart AI). It is very difficult to predict what these robo programs are going to do or the damage they can cause, because none of the patterns in indexes, bond yields or even gold price are making relevant correlations right now. The capital flow is a more significant driver of prices now rather than fundamental values, i think the bubble deflation will continue for quite a while.

I see value already at some of the current prices… But why settle for buy 5 get 1 free when we might get a buy 2 get 1 free in a few more weeks?

Not a buyer nor a seller.

Stay calm, collect distributions and reinvest at some point.

Stay with the multi-decade plan…


Interesting view point I got off a video today from a fund manager - the trading desks are increasing the spread of the bid ask prices (hence stock price volatility) to get the volume info from market to determine which price buyers are willing to enter, and which price sellers are willing to leave, to discover the actual price the stocks are worth.

Its an interesting view that links back to one of my other posts - technicals study trends but don’t do the valuation of fundamentals…

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Hmmm… Not sure if I fully understood what you meant…

In short, there was low meaningful trading volume right, the technicals are doing trial and error to discover price, by making the price movements very large, to help them figure the price.

Its like selling your cup noodle at 1 dollar, are there buyers? What if I sell at 1.5 tomorrow? How about 0.8 the day after?

I think last Fri / this Monday was where they were testing how low it might be to test demand.

Maybe I should try that with Friend of StocksCafe pricing :slight_smile: