Merger of OUE-C and OUE-H

Anyone has any idea how they will be keying this in from either side of the aisle?

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I transacted

  1. 02.09.2019 sold N units of OUE-HT at closing price of 31st August (0.73).

  2. 02.09.2019 bought (1.3583 x N) units of OUE-CT at opening price (0.520).

Note it is necessary to deselect the “add to cash transactions” otherwise the StocksCafe cash balance will go out of synch with your bank balance.

An extraordinary final distribution has been manually created in StocksCafe for OUE-HT of S$0.04075.

And a final “cleaning up” distribution will be added once the amount and dates have been announced by OUE-HT.

Thanks bobtravs!


I suggest

SELL - N x OUE H Trust @ 0.7470 - Dt 9-SEP-19
Buy - N x OUE COMM TRUST @ 0.52 Dt 9- SEP-19

This will tally with your broker statement and the cash portion into a profit of OUE H Trust.



Presumably your broker is holding the counters.

Mine are held at the CDP where the OUE-HT units were simply exchanged for OUE-CT units. Purchase prices on the CDP have to be manually calculated and entered.

My account at OCBC still shows OUE-HT @ 0.730. I will have to manually change that.

The extraordinary distribution was paid by OUE-HT to me.

Wonder where the selling price of 0.7470 came from?

Can stocks cafe auto patch via backend script or not?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature at the moment. And such a feature will be hard to maintain since I do not have such stock split data from upstream. If say I specifically do something to handle for this stock and not others, it might create more confusion than it solves.

However, if there are enough interest, we can certainly start a thread either in this forum or the friend request section to find a long term solution to handling stock split issue (with the understanding that data/information must come from users).