Missing stock information

Why some stocks have missing information in StockCafe? For example, the PBBANK (1295) from KLSE does not contain the information regarding Gross income margin, which is available in its financial report.

That is because my upstream have missing information for them. As for why they have missing information for some, the last time I checked, they gave me very diplomatic answer such as coverage of financial metrics depends on various factors such as the industry/sector of the company or popularity of the company.

Hi Evan,

Stumbling upon this post and wanted to ask you some things related to data feeds.

  1. Could I ask, for your upstream, what are the data sources you use? E.g. S&P Capital IQ, FactSet, SGX StockFacts(or even scrape data manually)

  2. I was looking through your API and realised you have some tutorials encouraging people to use it and to post their research. Thank you, this is very useful. Do you happen to have historical data, and can this be made available through the StocksCafe API? I am asking as I remember you used to have a minigame feature where you would show the ratios and financial information at some time point in the past (e.g. 2013), and then have users guess whether this stock would make it.

I am asking as I would like to do analysis that goes beyond open/close/volume, and can’t find a reliable historical data source online for Singapore stocks (unlike US stocks which are very well covered by data providers like Quandl). Appreciate your wisdom on how you got around this in the past, if your API can provide it, or if not, where I can find this. Would be very helpful for developers like myself.

Thanks! (:

I believe this doc would have answers for you => https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/6100314/RzfmG81Y?version=latest#3d763fdf-c733-4912-af82-6049abc66ba7

My upstream are not really meant for direct retail usages.