Mobile UI

On, when you choose portfolio. It will not update the overview, dividend, etc tabs. The data show is always showing all portfolio information. Unlike the desktop GUI where it will get update. I tried to refresh the page, it does not get updated on the mobile interface.

Hi there,

I just check. It seems to be working fine for me.

Did you click on the submit button after choosing the portfolio? In, we need to click on the submit button unlike the desktop version.


I did click submit button. I also tried refresh as well. It does not seem to work on mobile phone. I am using Chrome

If I force desktop site on my mobile browser, then it will work according to the selected portfolio.

If I view it on a computer browser using StocksCafe, then it will update according. It does not get update on the mobile phone.

Hmm… Let me look into it now.

This should be fixed now. Please ensure you are on v3.1.66

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Hi Evan,

It is working now. Thanks.

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