Mobile view : portfolio stock list with current price

When i’m on mobile under Portfolio → Current view. I have a list of all the stocks names on the rows and on the column headers Day, P&L+Div, Shares, Avg Price and so on… How do i get Current price to show in this list.
Seems that i can only see current price when i go into individual stock and refresh.
And how do i get the stock price to auto refresh?

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.

StocksCafe do not support live/delayed pricing.

As for the column headings, we are working to make it adjustable very shortly.


Dear @evankoh,

Indeed, it will be useful to have another column for “end of day closing price” on the Portfolio (Current View).

Hi @humphreytan

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, I intend to make the mobile current view similar to desktop view where you can choose from a variety of columns and even order them. Should be out soon. Stay tuned :slight_smile: