MY Dividend

Hi Evan,

I noticed that all my MY (Malaysian) dividends have disappeared from my dividends tab even though they are still in my portfolio. I have checked my filter list and have confirmed that i did not exclude them.

Please assist. Thank you.

Same here. I faced similar issue. All my MY dividends have disappeared. It indicated that the dividends are not indexed.

Please advise, tks.

Oh… Let me check.

Sorry for the scare. I have reverted the MY dividends. Please take a look again. Thanks.

ps: I am now switching provider (because previous provider wants to significantly increase pricing for the new year).

Hi Evan,

Thank you for looking into this.

I noticed that the dividends are still missing from ‘Due/Paid’ and ‘Projected’ pages. The ‘Announced’ page looks ok now.

Edit: Hi Evan, all good now. I am able to see all the past, present and projected dividends now. Thank you!

Yes, it takes a bit to update after me loading the dividends in.

One thing about MY (and JP) dividends in future is that new providers does not provide PayDate. I am trying to see if I can get them elsewhere and also reflected this to provider (though not sure if they will actually take action).