NASDAQ:GAN ticker not updated

Hi, the ticker GAN (GAN LTD, on NASDAQ) does not seem to be updating properly. Only captures last price as of 27 May 2020 (it’s still very much actively traded). Can you take a look please? thank you


Thank you for reporting. I have forwarded the issue to upstream.


Done. Upstream have updated the data. Please verify. Thanks!

thank you! it’s updated now though seems to be lagging other US tickers by a day (i.e. it’s showing closing price from 2 days ago, instead of last close). Same situation for ticker NASDAQ:DKNG

Thanks. Seems like the issue of lagging is due to my side instead of upstream. I will check my updating codes again.

Okay. DKNG is fixed but GAN is still outdated because upstream data stopped at 16 June. I already reached out.

Done. GAN is also updated.

Sorry I haven’t logged on for a while - thank you!

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