New CC

Is it active? I tried to udpate it but failed. Can you give me the coingecko link to this?

i did include the link in my last message.
here it is again:
hope it helps!

Oppss :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is the correct link β†’ The Virtua Kolect Stock Summary (CG:THE-VIRTUA-KOLECT) - StocksCafe

The previous link you gave is different β†’ The Virtua Kolect Stock Summary (CG:TERRA-VIRTUA-KOLECT) - StocksCafe

Not sure if they are related?

i think there was a name change before. didnt see the first one when i searched TVK. thanks!

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@evankoh sorry for the frequent requests, alt-season :laughing:
can we add TIA please

Done :slight_smile: β†’ Celestia Stock Summary (CG:CELESTIA) - StocksCafe

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hi @evankoh another one that seems to be inactive: Beam Stock Summary (CG:BEAM-2) - StocksCafe

this is the CG link:

? Why you say it is inactive? β†’ Beam Recent Share Price (CG:BEAM-2) - StocksCafe

wait thats weird. it was red yesterday and said it was inactive when i clicked in. even had a β€œlast price on 3 nov” under Close price column.
seems all good now then. thanks!

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Ya. Not sure why. I went in today and it was fine. Anyway, do not hesitate to reach out whenever :slight_smile:

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hi @evankoh another one showing as inactive for me:

Updated. Not sure what happened :frowning:

One possibility is that it stopped trading for a few days and StocksCafe would think it is delisted or something and will stop trying to update it.

got it, thank you!

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hi @evankoh can we please add ORDI and OLAS

Done :slight_smile:

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