New CC

thanks! merry christmas!

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hi @evankoh can we add SEI please, thanks!

Done → Sei Stock Summary (CG:SEI-NETWORK) - StocksCafe

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hi @evankoh can we please add AI

Sure. Done :slight_smile: → Sleepless AI Stock Summary (CG:SLEEPLESS-AI) - StocksCafe

@evankoh not sure why, but both OP and LDO are showing as inactive

Done. Updated both.

Usually, that happens when I failed to pull the prices for a few days because then I would “give” up and assume that the crypto had delisted or something like that.

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Hi Evan,

Can you help to add the below 2 coins … Thank you!


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Hi evans, can you help with adding this CC too? thanks in advance!

Done :slight_smile:

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hi @evankoh can you please help refresh this inactive one? thanks!

Which one?

ah sorry my bad forgot to paste!

No worries. It is now updated :slight_smile:

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