New Dashboard - Risk metrics missing

hi @evankoh, I like the new Dashboard! clean and really like the charts.

2 questions/comments:

  1. My Risk section (Beta/VaR/ES) numbers are all showing as N/A. How do I get them to show up?

  2. Is it possible to let us re-arrange/order the sections in the Dashboard?


Hi there,

Thank you for reporting. I think I found the issue and have released a fix. Please verify.

Was thinking about it but did not follow through as there are just too many things to do :frowning:
If enough users are keen on it, maybe can queue it up.


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confirm the fix is working. thanks Evan!

sorry Evan, upon "Update Report Now ", the risk metrics broke again. showing as N/A again.

Oh… Weird. Let me check again.

Okay. I think it is because I did not deploy the new code everywhere. I just did it. Hopefully, that will not happen again but if it does, please let me know again. Thanks.

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