New events feature to handle stock splits

Hi Evan,
Very impressed to see your new Events feature for handling Stock Splits.

I took a look and notice I have 11 events in a Pending status. All are previous stock split events that I have already handled using the Splits feature in StocksCafe.

Is it correct to select Ignore on all these events in order to clear them from my events panel?

Also for future split events will the auto reminder come to my email automatically or do I need to trigger it somewhere?

Thanks as always for your continuous improvements.
Andy R

Hi Andy,

Yes, please feel free to choose “Ignore” if you have already handled them =.

In future, whenever you visit StocksCafe page, the Events will flag a red number if there is an event triggered.

However, what you have implied might be a good suggestion. Maybe we should send users a notification whenever there are new events showing up for them.


Hi Evan and Happy Birthday to You !

On 27/06/2022 Meta Platforms changed its ticker from USX:FB to USX:META. This event was not flagged in the Events tab.

I was able to process the change without issues through stock splits. So no complaints here, but maybe a suggestion to also flag pure ticker changes in the Events tab.


Hi Jake,

Thanks! I have added this ticker change event!


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