New Feature Suggestion: Valuation-Based Stock Charts with Standard Deviation

Hello Evan,

I’ve been a user of the app for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s been a fantastic tool in my investment journey. However, I’d like to propose a new feature that, I believe, would add significant value to our stock analysis toolkit.

Specifically, I’m suggesting the addition of valuation-based stock charts, particularly for SG stocks. These charts could present critical valuation metrics over time, such as P/E ratio, P/B ratio, and so on. However, I think it would be greatly beneficial if these charts also indicated levels of standard deviation (SD) from the mean, such as -1SD or -2SD.

The rationale behind this is simple: This could provide users with an intuitive, graphical representation of how these stocks’ valuations have fluctuated over time, relative to their historical average. This can aid investors to better time their entries and exits based on a stock’s historical valuation norms, enhancing the quality of investment decisions.

Imagine being able to quickly visualize if a stock’s current P/E or P/B ratio is significantly below its historical average (-1SD or -2SD), indicating a potential buying opportunity, or if it’s much higher, which might suggest overvaluation. This could be a game-changer!

I understand that this is no small request and would require substantial effort to implement. But considering the potential this feature has to empower investors, I believe it could be a worthwhile addition to the fantastic tools already provides.

Thank you for considering my suggestion, and keep up the excellent work!

Best regards,

Hi Kelvin,

Based on what you are saying, it seems like you are referring to this? → StocksCafe (please use Desktop to access the url)


wow, yes, thanks!!!

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