Newbie here! Qn on cash balance & stocks not on supported exchanges

Hi everyone,

First off just would like to say a big thank you to Evan for creating this, i’m only just getting started here and i find it immensely useful already!

Just have a quick qn on the cash balance function, please pardon my newbieness. Just created a new account here and I just added new transactions for all the stocks i currently hold, and checked the “add to cash transactions” for each of them. However that also means that i now have a negative cash balance for each of currency - is it alright if i just add a cash transaction to “zero” it, or is there any other way i should go about doing this?

Also what do you guys do about stocks that are not on supported exchanges, any suggestions? Many thanks!


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Hi Nick

Yes, adding a cash “deposit” transaction to “zero” or match the cash amount in your brokerage/bank would be the correct thing to do.

If it is Shanghai or Shenzhen then I am expecting myself to add it to StocksCafe later this year.

If it is other exchanges, then you would have to use the other Assets feature =>


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Hi, newbie here. How do you add a cash deposit to “zero” the cash amount ?
Appreciate the feedback. Thanks

Hi there,

It is pretty manual in the sense that you first check how much cash you have and simply either deposit or withdraw the amount such that the balance will end up to be 0.

Hope that is what you are asking.