No dividend projected for Capitaland Investment (9CI)

Hi, I have included Capitaland Investment into the portfolio (9CI) for 1 week, but the projected dividend doesn’t show up. Can you check and confirm?

Hi there,

There isnt a project dividend for this stock because there is an upcoming dividend on 2 May. After 2 May then, it will “project” for next year.


but that should appear in the next 12 months dividend since it’s upcoming on 2nd May?
I can’t see that in the projected dividend list at all?

Hi there,

I separate Announced and Projected. It is under Announced → Upcoming dividends for your portfolio - StocksCafe


Hi Evan,
I can see that in Announced now but this is also where I’m confused now.
So if I wanna know what will has paid + what will be paid till end of the year, where should I add up the numbers? Announced + Due/Paid + Projected?

There are a few places for this.

  1. Dashboard page → StocksCafe
  2. Portfolio Report page “2024 (Estimated)” → Portfolio Report
  3. As you mentioned, sum Announced + Due/Paid + Projected up.

PS: I will merge Announce and Projected tab together soon. Seems like quite a few users are confused by it.

Yup, if we can combine all Announced + Projected will make it so much clearer for us. I never notice there is an Announced tab…

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