No Portfolio Mkt Update daily email on 16/11/20

Hi Evan,

I did not receive the daily mkt update sent every evening yesterday. Was there some technical hitch?

Yes, sorry. I discovered it this morning :frowning:

Did not receive for 19/11 night too.

Okay. Just sent it out for you.

Sorry, seems like an error disrupted email to be sent to you in particular last night.

Hi Evan, i still dont get the daily updates


Can you check your settings here? ->

I checked. It seems like the setting now is set to not received daily emails from StocksCafe.


i checked these 2 … is this correct?


You need to set the Email Frequency to either “Daily” or “Weekly”. The last I checked, it seems like you have it on “Never”.


Coming back on this.

The bug seems to come about because the cache in my desktop browser saves the settings and when I go to the stockcafe URL via the browser it will autocomplete and look straight into / revert back to the unsaved settings.

You are saying that you still do not receive emails from StocksCafe?

I am receiving them but previously when i switch between browsers and laptops sometimes it revert backs to “NEVER” settings even though i made sure i saved the profile after I changed to “Daily”

Still monitoring, back 2 weeks has been ok …

There is no caching on my side for this. So, whenever you click the update button on that page, just check the settings more carefully and I believe we are good.