No sure if it's a wrong reading or I do not know how to interpret (DBS -6% 22 apr)

How does DBS dropped 6+% yesterday when yahoo and google finance read gain?
There’s a couple times i have seen reading that don’t match with yahoo or google finance but i had ignored it would be nice to know how do i interpret this. thanks!

You get a bonus share of 10%, theorectical stock price should drop 10%, but only drop 6%, this means you gain roughly 4% :slight_smile:

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For this instance, I believe Yahoo and Google are using Adjusted Close (which includes Dividends and Bonus Shares). In StocksCafe, I prefer to split them up. Close would reflect the change in price → DBS Recent Share Price (SGX:D05) - StocksCafe

And then there is also a separate “Bonus Shares” issuing event → StocksCafe

hi, thanks for the clarifications

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