No way to add transactions

Hi, I’d left comments on a youtube video and you asked me to leave a message here.

When I go to transactions and click the add button, nothing happens. The page refreshes on the same portfolio summary screen. Tried in different browsers and flushed cache but no difference.

Hi Darryl,

Thank you for reaching out. I just checked. I assume you were on this page? → Update transactions - StocksCafe

It is because of this error message → " For free users, only SSB, SBILL and CA exchanges should be in their portfolio. Become a Friend to remove this limit or delete transactions that are not SSB, SBILL or CA."

I see that you currently have a SGX exchange transaction but as you are a free user, you cannot add any transactions that are non SSB, SBILL or CA.

Anyway, I have just given you a one month trial to test out StocksCafe.

Btw, StocksCafe have collab with Webull, Moomoo and Tiger where you can get free StocksCafe subscription by signing up with these brokerages through StocksCafe referral link.


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