Not bug, most likely is my mistake on the dividend page

I’ve tried to add Distribution in Specie for Golden Energy (SGX:AUE) with Payable Date of 21 Aug.

2 issue i encountered:

  1. I did not state the portfolio and in the detail page it’s allocated to a portfolio that did not have the stock
  2. I ended up with 2 entries Projected (wrong year) and Distribution in Spice (Override) - this is very possible my mistake as i’m trying to figure out how to do it.

Hi there,

Which detail page did you mean?
Also, you should be able to change the portfolio on this page → Override Dividend Collected

Did you mean this page? => Golden Energy Dividend Summary (SGX:AUE) - StocksCafe


ps: It might not be completely your issue. I need to make this override more intuitive.

Looks ok now!

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