Not receiving email alerts for screener


I’ve not been receiving email alerts for screener for a month now.
Anyone facing the same issue?

Hi there,

Email alerts for screener have been deprecated →

Many users set up email alerts then block (e.g. marked as spam) those emails :frowning:


Hope to have it back again.
Probably have a setting to disabled it by default.
Then those who wants it, can enable it.

Actually, that was already the case in the past.

I guess when people set it, they wanted it but overtime, they dislike it and block it :frowning:

Also, running those screeners are computationally intensive especially for some broad settings hence it is a waste if I run them but it just goes into spam folders :frowning:

Maybe I should set expiry date and users need to “renew” their interests in receiving the screener alert emails. To be honest, it has been quite some time that I disabled the feature and you are so far the only one who realized and asked about it which also shows how low value it is to everyone else :frowning: