Old dividends on stocks that went through splits


I held Nvidia stock previously pre-split and received US$0.112 per share in dividends. However, this broke my cash transactions somehow. It modified my cashflow records by recording the dividend as a quarter that it really is.

I only see one offending transaction is in July 2021, but there could be more in the past with the same behavior. Are you able to fix this?



If you adjust the split with this → How to Handle Stock Splits - StocksCafe Academy

Then it should fix it. You need to know when Nvidia split and enter the fields accordingly.

Sorry that this is still manual now. I am working on a solution that will make this “automated with approval” in 2022.


well I did that, but the dividends still show up as what it would have been per share in today’s share amount. i sold the stock before the split.

Ah… I see. It is actually nothing to do with your splits but issue was with upstream dividends.

I have fixed it. Please verify.

yup it is what i think it should be now. thanks!

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Hey evan, this seems to have broken again. Can you take a look? NVIDIA dividends paid on 1st july 2021

Hi there,

I do see a dividend on 1 July, no? → https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/NVDA/nvidia+corporation?type=xdetails&exchange=XUSX


The stock gave a dividend of US$0.112 per share presplit. I got 100 shares pre split, so I received $11.2 in real dividends. What was recorded now is still 100 shares, but with the split dividend.