Other Asset - Deletion after Migrating

Hi Evan,

After migrating from other asset to custom asset, I tried to delete the symbol at other asset since the integrity of the migration has been check.

I have the following error when I tried to delete it:

Cannot delete because more than 10 transactions, payments and prices associated with this asset. Delete them before deleting the asset

The system needs you to delete the transaction, payment, and price individually. This process is very tedious. Able to overrun this issue?

Hi there,

I see. Just to be clear I understand the issue. You are trying to delete Other Assets right? Not Custom Assets.


Yes. Other assets after migration is completed.

I see. Thanks. Let me do something about this and update you soon.

Done. I removed that limitation. Please try again but please be ensure that everything is ported over properly because not really possible to retrieve data after deletion.

PS: One user said that the fees of Other Assets do not seems to port over properly?

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Hi @evankoh,
Thanks for the update. I will do the due diligence check before I delete the data from other asset.

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Hi @evankoh,

I check all the migrations for all the other assets to custom assets. No issue with all the migrations except one.

I attached the dividend that is declared which is highlighted in yellow. There are two rows that are declared and migrated over as shown in the picture below.

I went to the user tab where it will show the position, transaction, and dividend collected. The integrity of the position and transaction are correct but the dividend collected is not reflected correctly as shown in the picture below:

I tried to delete the dividend and reenter again but it still does not get reflected in the dividend collected.

Any advise or tips in solving the above issue?

Hi @evankoh,

I will tried to delete it and migrate again to see whether the issues remains.

Thanks. Let me know how it goes.

Hi @evankoh,

Problem solved. I delete the symbol and remigrate the symbol from other asset to custom asset again. The dividend is correct now.

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