Other Assets - Tracking PnL

Hi Evan ,

I migrated the other assets to the portfolio , its successful though it’s not very smooth .
I have assets like cash , real estate etc and created custom symbols .
However, not the issue is -

  1. I dont see a place to update the most recent value of the asset (it use to be there in the older version) to understand P/L eg for physical assets.
  2. I can edit the txn to update the most recent value of the asset, however in the back end it stores some value of the asset and given some random PnL number

Let me know how to fix the same


Hi Varun,

You can only do this via https://m.stocks.cafe now.

But I will spend some time today to make it available on the Desktop version. Will update once it is live.


ok , let me check the mobile option … pls help to make it available in desktop version … I had been using this option frequently

Hi Varun,

It is just made available on Desktop => StocksCafe


thanks Evan , very helpful

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