"Overall P&L" graph unable to view in Monthly view

Hi Evan,

The “Overall P&L” graph at the bottom of the Portfolio page used to be able to view it in Monthly View. Now only can choose Annually and Quarterly.

Is there any setting to set it as Monthly?


Hi Yong,

Yes, there used to be so but I have turned it off because it runs for too long. But since a few users have been asking about it, I have turned it on again.

Please try again.


Hi Evan,

Yup, have it now. Like this view very much personally. Haha. Thanks.

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Hi Evan,

Was this function turned off again?
the page show annually only.

Sorry, yes, I have turned it off for now as it is causing timed out issues for users with long history.

I plan to turn it on again after I fix this → https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=2532

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Btw, it is turned on again → https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=2532