P/L +Div+ Cls display field missing

Hi Evan,

It seems that the column P/L +Div+ Cls is missing when I logged in tonight
I find this column very useful for me and hope it is not removed.
The reason it is useful to me is that for a counter, I will hold for long term and may trade in and out at some point so that I know overall am i in a loss or profit (and by how much).
Thanks in advance for looking into this issue.


Hi there,

Yes, it is removed today because I realized that the computation for it can be very slow for users having a lot of closed positions.

It will then slow down the whole loading of /portfolio page which then caused other access to slow down as well.

However, I did intend to review the code carefully and make improvements to it before making it available again. Please give me some time.


Okay. Done. I found the source of slowness and fixed it.

You can add it back in settings.


Thank you so much Evan.
Yes, I have added it back, have a great week ahead.

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