P&L+Div doesnt include profits from past transactions

Hi Evan,

Just wondering if it’s possible for P&L+Div to also include past transactions.
For instance, if I buy 1k singtel at $3 and sold 1k at $3.10 and buy another $1k at $3 and it stays at $3. It will show P&L as $0 but possible to have P&L include past returns?

Also when I arrange the portfolio in terms of size, HK stocks tend to be on top because of the total value because it is not adjusted for the HK currency , and it’s actually smaller when you divide it by 5.7. Possible to also fix this as well? Thanks!

Thanks Evan. i found the answer for the first part, just only the stock size issue for foreign shares

It does not? Can you give me a link?

Also, actually, create a feature request using this => https://stocks.cafe/friend/toaddissue?
Will be easier to track.