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Hi @evankoh,

How is the performance computed for user who chose “since inception”. The date on the top left hand corner indicated " 1 Jan 1980 to 17 Nov 2021"

Does it compute based on the initial entry date of the user portfolio with STI ETF and Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS or start from 1 Jan 1980.

Just to make sure that I don’t misinterpreted wrongly.


Yes, you are right. It is tried to start from 1 Jan 1980. However, if the stock is not available then, it will pick the first close where it is available.

Speaking of which, I cannot remember why I chose 1980 1 Jan. Maybe better to choose the first transaction date of user. What do you think?


My thought is that first transaction date of user will reflect a better comparison between the index vs portfolio. So for example, if the 1st transaction is on 20 Jan 2004, then the computation of the index will start from 20 Jan 2004 vs 1st transaction of the portfolio.

I don’t know whether there is any big difference in the computation. Anyone has any advise on this?

Done. Change it to 1st transaction of portfolio which makes more sense. Not sure why I randomly chose 1980 previously.

Thank @evankoh. I have check and it does not reflect 1980 when I choose “Since Inception”. Thanks for the update.

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Hi @evankoh,

Can you add additional date filters for the Performance tab.

MTD - Month to date
Custom date - User can provide start and end date.


Hi Sam,

Can you make the feature request here? →