PL based on Daily Closing Prices

Hi Evan,

Im a new subscriber.
Just noticing that for the USX prices,
My PL figures are based on last trading day’s closing prices,
If it possible to get the PL based on last traded prices (albeit delayed traded prices)?
Is there a PL option to choose that i am not aware of ?



Unfortunately, that is not possible due to data. StocksCafe currently only have End of day data mostly because real-time (or delayed) data is extremely costly to license for most markets.

To be honest, if it is just US, it might be possible because US are more open and free with their data but that might cause some confusion to users. Nevertheless, it is something that we might want to discuss with other Friends of StocksCafe as well.


ps: I found this thread discussing about it. You might want to upvote there =>

Thanks for replying Evan, i voted on the other thread.

And yup, my priority for delayed prices would be US equities (and HKEX China A shares - tho tad less of a priority). And yes, i would be willing to pay a higher tier pricing for delayed prices for US equities.

Let’s see if there’s more interest for it to make it viable.

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