Port % displays 0% for all shares in all portfolios

i saw that a thread was created for this issue, but it has been locked/withdrawn.

I suppose you are still using the old portfolio links?

Please switch the new portfolio version -> https://stocks.cafe/portfoliov2

ahhh ok, didnt know there’s a different url now…

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Hi Evan, I do have problem accessing the portfolio page. When I drop the portfolio menu and goes into individual account, it doesn’t update nor display the particular account I’m trying to access to. Kindly advice pls.

Hi uncletong,

Are you using Desktop? Did you block javascript?

I just tested on my side and it seems to be fine.


I access it from my laptop everyday and was fine until 2 days back. I tried launching from desktop and even from my wife macbook and the problem persist. Simply doesn’t update nor display the portfolio I wanted. It’s always stuck at the main portfolio page.

I am sorry for the issue. Let’s take a look at it at 9pm together.

Hi, I just encountered the same problem. I have been using Stockscafe as per normal (including the new version) for the past days up until 8pm today. Suddenly, all my portfolio values became 0. The email update sent at 8pm also shows that my portfolio is empty.

What could be the issue?

Hi @glanies ,

I found the issue. The problem was this -> https://stocks.cafe/stock/summary/COMPOUND-COIN-USD/compound+coin?exchange=CC

  1. It’s symbol is too long (17 chars). My limit was 15 :frowning:
    I have increased the limit to 45 now. Should be fine now.

  2. Also, I think COMPOUND-COIN-USD might be the wrong one. I believe the correct one should be COMP-USD => https://stocks.cafe/stock/summary/COMP-USD/compound+coin?exchange=CC


Thanks loads for fixing it. :slight_smile:

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