Portfolio A.P&L+Div% error

Hi evan

See the attached.


Thanks for reporting! I will work on it soon.

I just checked. It might not have been an error. It was because the buy and sell only had a day difference but you earned a significant amount from it and assume that it can be annualized, it is that huge amount.

Obviously, it is not realistic but

  1. Do we want it to be accurate in terms of annualized P&L?

  2. Or do we want to adjust the upper bound somehow to make it realistic but how to define realistic is another question.

I think i will prefer option 1. See what the others say.


I also prefer option 1 because that means I do not need to do anything :slight_smile:
But you have to bear with the fact that you can potentially be that rich if you can repeat that for 365 days :wink:

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haha. if it was that easy and every day have the same opportunity.