Portfolio | Dividends | Upcoming is blank

Looking at https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio/xupcoming?label_id=-1

The Upcoming section is blank. What is the definition of upcoming/how far forward is it supposed to look?

Also, Singtel has a dividend payable on Jan 10, 2019 which is not shown there or in Projected.

Might be a boundary condition with your select statement - ex-date is in one year and pay date is in following year. Weirdly, the Singtel dividend for the end of the year is shown.

Upcoming are based on company announcements through sgx. They appear on SC a day or two after they appear on the sgx website due to delays by the data provider.

Singtel appears in my list of due dividends on the 10th January.

SSB bonds are an exception as they are synthesized in SC and appear as upcoming some six months (or longer?) in advance. Maybe Evan might want to reduce this to a month???

As I say, my list is blank, and Singtel Jan 10 is missing from Upcoming. The first listed dividend is Mapletree Logistics Trust with an ex-date on Jan 26th

The singtel dividend was ex. U should see it already in paid, as the dividend projections are based on ex date, and you are looking at pay date

“Upcoming” displays dividends after they have been announced and until they reach the ex-date.

After that they appear in the “due/paid” list.

Thanks. So this is user error again. The words Upcoming and Projected on the Dividends menu led me to believe that is where I would find future payments. I think “Announced” would make the purpose of “Upcoming” clearer.

I rely on dividends for income, so the ex-date, while important, is not as useful as the pay date for forecasting actual cash flow. As it is now, you have to look at 2 tabs to see what is payable in the future. It would be useful to include “Announced but not yet paid” in the Projected list.

@maplebob, @bobtravs, @takingstock

Thanks all for the discussion.

Added a feature request to summarize what I see here => https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=949

Please feel free to chip in there.