Portfolio overview not working

Hi, on the android app, i can no longer see my portfolio summary under the “OVERVIEW” heading, used to have.
I reinstall the app but still not working.




  1. Do you have issues on desktop?

  2. Did you try pull to refresh?

  3. All other pages working on Android except Portfolio Overview?

  4. So, it is currently a blank page for the Portfollio Overview on Android?


Hi Evan,

  1. i have no issue on desktop
  2. yes i did refresh and also reinstall.
  3. correct
  4. It shows “Welcome to Stockcafe! here are a few things we recommend for you to start with…”



Interesting. Give me some time. I will try to see what I can do. Sorry for the issue :frowning:


I have deployed a fix. Please update your app simply by closing it and opening it again. Do it a few times if needed. Use the side menu to ensure that it is v0.7.36
(Note: uninstall and install will not work. only restarting the app would work.)

Let me know if it is v0.7.36 and still not working for you.


Hi Evan,
I have updated the version, but still i see a blank page now.

Sorry! I was trying to fix it “blind” (in the sense that I cannot really replicate the issue on my end. just by looking at the code and guessing the issue)

Please try again by updating to 0.7.37
I am 90% confident it will be fixed now. If not, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Evan,
At 0.7.37, it is back to normal now.
Thanks for the effort.

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