Portfolio Report's Dividends Projects and Projection Monthly Summary are double-counting some dividends

The Report tab’s Dividends Projected and Project Monthly Summary’s total amount seems to be double-counting those dividends that have been announced but not paid yet. The Dividends Projected Details shows the same dividend amount as two rows (Announced and Due) instead of just one row.
E.g. 1000 shares for SGX:ES3 shows total dividend for Feb 2021 as $80 instead of $40.

Edit: Added a screenshot. Hope it helps! (Awesome website by the way!)

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Oh… Okay… Let me investigate. Thank you for reporting.

Ah… Was trying to look at it this morning but realized that it is gone. Likely because it is 9 Feb today

Anyway, will check that part of code again.

Please let me know if you see it again. Thanks!

Thanks for checking it out. It still affects other tickers besides STI ETF. It is especially apparent for the Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) ones - because the SSB dividends for the whole year 2021 (excluding the ones which have been paid out) appear as both Announced and Due .
Example below for 1000 units of SSB Sep 2019 (GX19090H) which yields 1.65% for 2021.
The payout for Mar and Sep should be 8.25 each, instead of 16.5 (doubled).

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Thank you for the clear explanation. It helped me in narrowing the issue.

I believe I have fixed it. Can you verify? Thanks!


Wow, that was fast! I’m glad my explanation was able to help.

Yes, the projected dividends look correct now. Thanks for fixing this!