Portfolio returns

Hi Evan,

Just want to understand better, Under the portfolio performance tab, my current portfolio performance % is taken from the stock return as opposed to my actual portfolio returns. The reason why im asking is because my portfolio returns for the last 365 days looks a little off and it states that all the stocks have overperformed but it is not reflective of the exact price i entered in.

I hope you understand my question and looking forward for you reply. i am quite new to all this so your explanation will help!

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.

Yes, the portfolio performance is simplistic here. It is simply taking your current portfolio and look back 365 days to see the returns. It is not really considering your cost/entry prices.

Under Methodology
Current Portfolio = sum_of_all_current_portfolio_stocks(Port% x Stock Return)

Hope that is clearer. Let me know how I can make that clearer for others :slight_smile:


Okay that explains alot.

Ive got 1 more question in regards to my portfolio/report.

Under the TWR table for the year 2020, my CDP account performance is -10,34% while the rest of my account less CDP is +56.48%. But once i click all my account my overall performance is -1.47% for the year 2020. Is this accurate?

  1. You can run debug on the TWR computations to check → https://stocks.cafe/user/toviewportfoliotimeweighteddetailsbyyear

  2. In theory, that is certainly possible depending on the size of your portfolio of CDP relative to the rest and/or when the different portfolios are started.