Portfolio updating after 8pm?

I realised my entire portfolio always get updated after 8pm everyday. Which means that portfolio will still be showing 1 day ago P/L information. Is there something that can be enhanced to update them faster?

only update once a day for each market, hk and sg will be after 8pm. US market in the morning after 8/9 am, it is not a live update, evan u need sticky this somewhere, not the first time ppl ask this liao

This is available here. Not sure where else is appropriate. Suggestion?

I see. I can see two requests here.

  1. How can we make it update earlier than 8pm.
  2. Actually, even after system wide update, your portfolio will still not be updated because it updates one user at a time. So, maybe have a way for more eager users to have a update now button to click.
    Would you like to create two separate tickets for the slightly two different requests?

maybe put a 1 liner at the bottom of the portfolio table.

a auto update button is a good idea, if not keep asking u to update the counters that didnt update also mafan to you.

Thanks for the reply. It will be good if it can be manual update via a click for eager users like myself. :slight_smile:

Sure. Would you like to create a ticket for trackability?

Done that. Thanks!

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