Portfolios Showing TWR=-100% and XIRR=NA

Hi Evan,

All my portfolios are showing TWR=-100% and XIRR=NA. Looks like its the same for all the shared Portfolios as well. Please check on this.

Yes, it is related to this => Portfolio's TWR is all -100% - #6 by zkzn008

I have ran full report update for you and also queued up to run for everyone else.

Hi, checking in on the XIRR displaying N/A.
What do I do (if anything) to fix this bug? Or do I wait and it should sort itself out?

I am running background processes for all users but that would take another 1-2 days.

If you want to “jump” queue, you can kick start the “Update full report” on Portfolio Report page.


Its fine now. Thank you.

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