Portfolio's TWR is all -100%

As per title, for all years. there’s no issue with benchmarks

Ah… Yes, need to run Full Portfolio Update to fix that. I just did that for you.

ps: I made some changes yesterday which requires that update.

Hi Evan

I encountered the same. Did a full portfolio update but the TWR figures look way off from yesterday. Cost yield and current yield for my REIT portfolio looks ridiculously wrong 36 - 40%.

Hi there,

Sorry, I released a bug this morning.

I have fixed it. Please verify.


Hi Evan

Thanks. Is there a change in the way TWR and XIRR is calculated? The numbers (see below) don’t make sense to me. This particular portfolio comprises only bonds and T-Bills.

Have already updated the report a few times but both the TWR and XIRR values are way different from a few days ago.

mine is off too after updating fully for a few times… time weighted returns is in the thousands of % which is not possible.

TWR is correct. XIRR was off because previously I only fixed it for TWR but not XIRR. Anyway, I have also fixed XIRR.

Btw, you can use this page (on desktop) to check the detailed computation of TWR and XIRR → StocksCafe

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Can you check again? I just pushed a fix. Should be fine now.

ps: The cause of this was me trying to fix another issue with handling transactions where there are no previous data of the stock (e.g. if you made a buy transaction on the IPO date)

yeah, seems ok now. thank you evan.

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Thanks Evan!

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