Projected Aviva dividend payment

Hi Evan,

Just wanted to point out that the projected Aviva (listed in LSE) dividend payment in May 2023 in StocksCafe may not be realistic. The projected ex date is 16 May 2023 and the paydate is 19 May 2023, just 3 days later. Furthermore the dividend payout rate is a whopping 24.72% which is again unrealistic. Maybe you can take a look at it. Thanks a lot.

Hi Terry,

The projection is using a super simplistic algorithm of just assuming same dividends as last year.

Sure. I have removed it if previous year was clearly an outlier.

Thank you for reporting.


Hi Evan,

Thanks for replying so promptly and removing the one-off outlier which will make the overall computation of dividends more realistic for this year.

Warmest regards,

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