Hello! May I know how acquisitions are managed in stockscafe, specifically for this PSXP which is now listed as PSX on NYSE? Doesn’t seem to reflect well in my records.

M&A are usually more complex. It depends on the specific situation.

If it is simply change the code from USX:PSXP to USX:PSX then you can use this → How to Handle Stock Splits - StocksCafe Academy

Thanks for prompt reply! I tried but can’t locate PSXP anymore, and it outcome is 1 share of PSXP is now 0.5 of PSX.

Effective date is 9 Mar 2022 (last year).

Able to help me look into it?

Is it this? →

If so, you can still put in USX:PSXP into old symbol field. It is just that it would not be auto-suggested but still valid when it is too old.

So, to be precise, you use this url →
And enter the following values into the fields.

Symbol (Old) => USX:PSXP
Symbol (New) => USX:PSX
Stock Split Ratio (Old) => 2
Stock Split Ratio (New) => 1
Stock Split Date => 9 March 2022

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Tried, doesn’t seem to return anything different, :no_mouth:

I just checked your account.

  1. For the above to work, you would need to have PSXP. That is, you need to enter the transactions in PSXP initially.

  2. However, it seems like you did not have PSXP in your transactions.


Ok, sorted, thanks Evan!

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