Q4 Financial Reports

Hi Evan, I realized that the latest data under financial reports are still showing Q3 2020 instead of Q4 2020. Wondering when will it be updated?


It depends on the stock. However, we are getting data directly from Morningstar.

So, if you can find Q4 in Morningstar but not StocksCafe then it must be some issue on my side. Please let me know and I will investigate.

If you also only find Q3 in Morningstar but you can find Q4 already by the company or elsewhere. Please also let me know and I will go bug Morningstar.

Example: DBS -> https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xses/d05/financials


Thanks for the quick response Evan.
If you refer to TSLA, the Q4 2020 data is in morningstar but not in Stockscafe yet.

Ah… Found the issue. I have fixed it. Kickstart all the US cron jobs for morningstar.

As for TSLA, I have updated it separately. Let me know if there are other symbols you are looking at and I will update them soon. (US cron jobs takes several hours)

Yeah, you are the man. :grinning: Glad that you have managed to find the issue Evan!

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Hi Evan, noticed that Q1 2021 are not updated for example TSLA and PINS. The data are in morningstar already. Could you help to check. thanks.

Is it? I cannot find 2021 Q1 for TSLA -> https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnas/tsla/financials

This is more interesting. The data you are seeing at Morningstar is classified as “Preliminary”, I also can get that data but I am not sure I should show them simply because they are preliminary. What do you think?

Btw, based on Morningstar, the preliminary data is filed on 27-4-2021. It might be interesting to see when the AOR (as of reported) will be available.

If it follows the past trend, we can expect to see the AOR on 29-04-2021.

thanks for the clarification Evan, will check back again tomorrow. :grinning:

I will have to try to do a pull again tomorrow as I usually just pull once a week

Thanks Evan, maybe you can consider doing daily pull since it’s earnings season. Just a suggestion. Then revert back to your norm once the season is over.

Hmm… Daily might be too much. Maybe increase to 3x a week?

It is because it runs for all stocks of all exchanges supported by StocksCafe.

Sounds good, thanks for explaining the constraints. :grinning:

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