QAF and Accordia Golf bottoming out?

Are QAF and Accordia Golf Trust bottoming out? It is tempting to accumulate more to average down my cost price.

are u sure abt Accordia? Check their news bulletins on their utilisation rate over time.

you can refer to this article

Its good to get this view from AK. Give me confidence to accumulate. I have been thinking for a while but not sure what is a good time to do so.

QAF … I still need some convincing LOL

AK’s view, sounds tempting as well.

I think the pork supply issue wont amytime in the next 3 years. As for agt, I haven’t been tracking the price, but seems its around what I anticipated for realistic scenario. Nonetheless to be realist, its probably better to note the play kpis. Mgmt doesnt seem forthcoming. There’s a limit to how many times you can explain declining performance due to storm / snow / typhoon / earthquake. I feel there’s something they are not saying lolz.

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Thanks man. QAF is facing Low pork price and if is difficult to see when it will recover. It will take a while to weed out the less competitive supplier. Their Australia subsidiary is one of the 2 larger suppliers and I will assume they have economy of scale and more competitive than the rest and hopefully can outlast the rest.

my views on AGT and QAF. I won’t touch QAF