[Query] Incorrect SSB Dividend Payout

Hi all,

Sorry if it’s covered before - did a quick search but couldn’t seem to find the answer.

I’ve successfully managed to add my SSB transactions into the profile but for some reason some of the dividends collected are listed as off by several cents (8.19 instead of 8.20) etc.

I’ve overridden them manual and its fixed it for the most part but there are some that still display an incorrect value. Has anyone experienced this?



Apologies for the issue. Can you give me an example (i.e. with links) so that I can look into it more carefully?


No worries Evan,

The product is already working far past my expectations and my own spreadsheet.

How do I send you the links?
I’ve attached a photo of the issue though. If you look at the picture - SSB of Jun 2019 supposed to pay out $9.3 but listed as $9.4, SSB of Sept 2019 supposed to pay out $8.3 but listed as $8.25)


Sorry for the delayed response.

If you look at the picture - SSB of Jun 2019 supposed to pay out $9.3 but listed as $9.4

I checked on SSB website, it seems like that list interest is 1.88% for the first year. Does that not work out to be SGD 0.0094 per 1 dollar? Which means 1000 shares should be SGD9.4

I believe if we fixed that, everything would be fine since StocksCafe is using 0.0094 per 1 dollar => https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/GX19060S/singapore+savings+bonds+(june+2019)?type=xdetails&exchange=SSB


Hey Evan,

Thanks so much! Actually I realised you’re right.
1.88% of 1k does equate to $9.4 per 6 monthly dividend cycle.

But this is still odd as I checked my bank account and it was indeed $9.30 transferred as a dividend payment in dec 2019. Now my only question is why I was only paid $9.3 from SSB itself? Any one has any experience? like do they then do $9.50 at the next 6 month cycle to have an average of $9.4 for the year?

Cheers again for looking into it earlier Evan. I think this one is now on SSB haha

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One possibility might be 365 days is not exactly divided into two. 182 then 183 or something like that and based on that it might be SGD 9.39999999 and they round it down to 9.3?

Still that does not properly explain because it should be SGD9.39 since our banking systems can accept up to two decimal places.

Anyone else got better understanding?

For now, I think the easiest solution is simply override the dividend on your side.

Hi Evan

I have a related question for my SSB holdings, and hope to ride on this thread to seek resolution.

  1. I bought Aug + Sep 2022 tranches of SSB, and sold off both.

  2. The payout in 1 Dec was recorded in Stocks.cafe as the full payout due, but actual payout was (maybe) half of that.

  3. I tried to do a dividend manual override, with the right payout amount, but somehow these did not overwrite, and the dividend payouts are still reflecting the full payout amount mentioned in 2.

Could you advise where I might have missed a step to overwrite the dividends manually?