Query on Dividend - Manual Override

Hi Evan,

I have manually override the dividend for [Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust - Unit - SGX:RW0U] whereby I own 6000 shares, of which 3000 unit is subjected to brokerage fee and 3000 unit is not.

Upon updating, the total number of units does not add up on the dividend overview but the total amount is correct.

May I ask if there is any error/bug here?

Attached screenshot for your easy reference.

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Apologies, the red border blocked the numbers.

Here is the updated one.


The reason is because StocksCafe tries to merge dividend with same shares, exdate and currency into one to prevent showing too many duplicate dividends.

In this case, StocksCafe thinks that the two dividends are basically the same hence merged.

So, while the shares is different, the amount is correct.

If that bothers you, one way to solve this would be that to not perform merging for manual overrides.


Hi Evan,

Many thanks for the explanation.

I am seeing other counters where I split the two dividends, and the system does reflect two dividend instead of merging them.

Is the merging function only ‘activated’ from a date onwards?

Doesn’t really bother me so long as the shares that is not reflecting correctly, does not affect any other numbers.

Sharing screenshots for your easy reference :slight_smile:

Many thanks!


Yes, the number of shares need to be the same for them to be merged.


Cool, got it! Thank you Evan for your prompt response as always! Cheers

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Hi Evan, just thought of this, if the same amount of shares for the dividends being merged, does it then reflect only 1 dividend?

Say for example I override the dividend (6000 shares) as one part (3000 shares) is in brokerage acc and one (3000 shares) is in CDP acc whereby brokerage acc has fees so I split them up.

In the overall portfolio report of dividend paid etc, if its merge then will it only show report for 3000 shares or a total of 6000 shares?


Manual Override

I did a very quick calculation to add all the dividends collected for 2021 thus far, it seems like the total does not include those override dividends that were merged (as per"Summary"). Is this something you are aware or can confirm?

Yes, you are right. If the number of shares and exdate is the same, it would only add one of them.

You can check your collected amount here → https://stocks.cafe/stock/username/RW0U/mapletree+nac+tr?exchange=XSES

One easy fix is simply sum them the two values (i.e. 98.97 + 97.89).

How did I not think of the easy fix you have suggested!

Thank you Evan for your prompt reply, as always!

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