Raffles Medical Dividend

Question about dividends received for Raffles Medical (BSL)

I received the corporate announcement asking me to choose to take cash or share, as shown below.

So I received the dividends 0.02 * number of shares today.

But in StocksCafe it shows 2 rows of Dividends 0.02 = 0.04

Which tallies with SGX website: (https://www2.sgx.com/securities/corporate-actions?value=RAFFLES%20MEDICAL%20GROUP%20LTD)

BUT seems like 2 cents is indeed correct:


So is this Data error from SGX + StockCafe upstream provider …? Do i need to manually remove the extra row of dividend or it would be deleted for us?


Thank you for the clear explanation!

I have fixed/removed it. Please verify. Thanks!

verified, thanks!

the new sgx more errors than before

@evankoh I opted for scrip dividend, so I added a new transaction with total amount equal to the dividend I get.

However the Scrip column is flagged in red, which I don’t understand why. (I have read the explanation on https://stocks.cafe/article/view/165/scrip+dividends?popular=1)
Also, wouldn’t it make more sense if the script transaction is dated after the Pay date?

Are shares awarded on PayDate? I agree that it is best to date it to PayDate (or maybe even after).

However, to clearly know that it is associated with a particular dividend payout, it is easiest to tag it to ExDate. Anyway, can you open a ticket and let’s think about it!

Not sure if you missed it, actually my main question was why the Script checkbox in my “Transactions” tab is flagged in red, even though the total amount is equal to the dividend I am supposed to get. :slight_smile:

The date of the scrip transaction is not so much a problem actually.

Yup. I misunderstood :slight_smile:

  1. It is fine to ignore flagged as red. It is just trying to highlight to users that there might be a mistake.

  2. Current algorithm is check if scrip transaction entered value is less than or equal to dividend received on the ExDate.

  3. Yes, as discussed, using ExDate might not be the best. If the red highlight really bothers you, then maybe open a ticket and I try to see what I can do?

The transaction is more often than not flagged in red coz the price can be a big difference… Example OCBC scrip was 10.55 but price was way more than that on Pay Date, so definitely will be flagged.

I dont think it is a big deal unless CDO… Oops, I mean OCD…