Receiving Dividends in Default Currency of Exchange

Question: Hi, I receive ThaiBev dividend in SGD, but dividend appeared in my portfolio is in THB, is it possible to change it or I have to override it myself?


  1. If you always receive dividends in SGD (for SGX-listed stocks), then I recommend that you update the settings here. Please check the box “Receive Dividends in SGD for all SGX-listed Stocks”. Also if you want to backfill those that were issued in other currencies previously into SGD. Please also click on the link “Convert all cash transactions related to dividends from SGX to SGD”

Note: There is also corresponding settings for HKD for HKEX and MYR for KLSE.

  1. If you do not always receive dividends in SGD (for SGX-listed stocks), then what you have suggested of overriding would be more reasonable.

hi. i have checked the box, and clicked convert all cash transactions to SGD, however i still seem to get Manulife dividends in USD on my portfolio and I had to override.

there are upcoming unpaid dividends and its showing as USD as well.


Let me investigate and get back to you.

thank you!


Thank you for reporting. I have made some changes. Can you check again?

If you still see places that is not converted, can you give me the links? That would make it easier for me to zero in and fix it.


works now! thank you!

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hi evan,

sorry, noticed something. in this page

what does the “Avg Cost” on the table on right refer to? is that total portfolio cost?

my 2020 number seems to be quite far off from the “Current Cost” on my portfolio page

did the change in dividend default currency cause the dividends page to only include SGD stocks under “Avg Cost”?

additionally, in my portfolio page, dividends in the USD row now shows zero, which kinda skews my P&L numbers and percentages for SGD and USD since i can no longer see how much my yield for USD holdings are

Hi Natcin,

No. Avg Cost and Current Cost are different.

Current Cost => What is the cost of stocks at this point.
Avg Cost => What is the average cost of portfolio for that year (see more)

That is because those dividends are received in SGD. I need to think more about this because it is possible for one to enter SGD for say Manulife USD as the buy transactions.


thanks evan!

would be good if dividends for USD stocks would still be tagged to USD stocks, but converted to SGD only at cash transactions (which is what happens in reality). :slight_smile:

Hi Evans,

For foreign currency Dividend, how do Stock cafe compute converting it to SGD? based on individual paid date exchange rate?

Yes, it is based on the ExDate exchange rate that I have got from my upstream provider.

i see. will paid date be a better choice?

Actually, let me check… I might have used PayDate

Okay. I checked. Yes, I am using ExDate for these conversions. Cannot remember exactly why then but I believe is the following.

  1. StocksCafe do not always have PayDates for all dividends although >95% should have.

  2. Dual listed stocks where you can choose which currencies to receive your dividends in usually determined the “exchange rate” around the announced dates. Since I do not have announced dates data, ExDate is the closest to it.

got it. thanks.