Recommendation on How to Track Fixed Deposits

Is there a way to track fixed deposits ? Besides using the manual method e.g. i can key in the fixed deposit name, deposit rate, amount, date and tenure. Then it adds to my network and automatically put in the interest amount earned

Hi Ben,

Thank you for reaching out.

I am afraid that for fixed deposits is quite manual as I would not have those data until you input them → Custom Assets – StocksCafe Blog

Let me know if you have more questions.

What about we provide the interest rate per annum instead, software just need to base on the interest rate per annum, fixed deposit amount to insert a dividend/interest entry per annum based on the fixed interest rate provided by us when we add a transaction

This is similar to SSB where interest rate are known for 10 years. Did not even have to be fixed.

We do need a few more things like when is it paid out (precisely which day of the year). What is the frequency (in SSB case is twice a year) etc.

The challenge is more about UI/UX.