Recurring transaction - eg G3B

Does anyone here track a recurring purchase like RSP?

I find it useful if there is a recurring transaction feature.

Eg. Buy G3B from DBS rsp every month.
I manually add the price or it pulls market data for that date.

Not sure if it’s feasible? Of course there would be nitty gritty details like what average price entered vs market price, which date it gets entered etc :slight_smile:

If anyone could share how they track it it would be excellent!

from what i know, recurring RSP is no different from manual buy transactions. each month you have to manually enter the price bought (e.g 3.13) and the date of transaction, and the units bought (it accepts up to 4 decimal points i think). StockCafe then automatically compute future/paid dividends based on how many units you hold.

Yes, it would be hard to automate this unless there is a clear rule of what will be the entry price and date for every month.

Actually, it would accept up to 6. Just that I display up to 4. Maybe I should just display all.

Interesting! Thanks for your help - I think i would look to do just that!