Regarding ExDate stock alert

Hi Evan,

Can I clarify how the ExDate Alert works?

If I have one set as “ExDate is 30 days away”, but it has been alerting me daily since the exdate has been 75 days away.

Does “ExDate is 30 days away” mean alert me when exdate is more than 30 days away?

Hi Kendo,

The current implementation is to alert user when ExDate is >=30 days away. So, it will stop telling you when it is within 30 days away.

Maybe that is not good? Perhaps we should alert using when ExDate is within 30 days instead?


Hi Evan,

The alert should use when Exdate is within 30 days instead: <=30 days away

Thanks Evan.

Ya… I actually not sure why I implemented it that way :slight_smile:

The more amazing thing is that no one have so far feedback to me about it and this feature should have been around for quite some time. I guess no one really uses it :frowning:

Anyway, it is updated.

Thanks. It’s a useful feature. maybe we got more growth investors here haha.

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