Reinvesting Dividends

I have a number of stocks under POEMS SBP, and my dividends are re-invested in my preferred stock. What is the recommended way to reflect the “re-invested” dividend in my portfolio?


This tutorial recommends two ways =>


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Just a follow up on your earlier reply. To create a new transaction using scrip dividend, does the purchase of the new stock need to be the same as the one issuing the dividend? For example, my case could be Singtel giving the dividend, but I am reinventing it into STI ETF. Thanks.

I have update this tutorial to answer this question ->

Technically, you can set any transaction as “scrip”. It basically means that you have reinvested the money to buy stocks. However, if StocksCafe cannot detect a corresponding dividend exdate then, it would simply highlight the scrip box as red but it is perfectly safe to ignore. It is just a warning to let user know that perhaps it is wrongly entered.